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Blind Prophet Intro
1500 B.C.
The castle of the great Lord Quenten and Queen Jessica was under attack by the brackish, loathly, vile, King Basilisk with his sorcerer Alucard. With the final stand of the castle King Quenten sent his last relative that was still alive; who was only yet a squire to a village in a far away land.
He also sent the knight Sir Giancarlo to be the child's gaurdian. On the way to the village, they were intercepted by the sorcerer Alucard. Sir Giancarlo fought valiantly but the kave sorcerer killed the knight and with the warriors last breath yelled to the young squire.
"RUN CHILD!! HIDE!! YOU MUST LIVE ON TO PROTECT THE PEASENTS!!" but before the child had time to run, Alucard was right in front of him. As the boy stood in fear of this vile enchanter, he started to think of what his father Sir Orphan would do in this situation.
"Whats the matter you boor child, afraid of death?" asked the enchanter with a vulgar smirk.
"And here I thought you were to be a knight like your foolish f
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Mature content
Chapter 4: The Big Game :iconwolfmanstarrk:WolfmanStarrk 13 12
Mature content
Fast Times at Los Noches High :iconwolfmanstarrk:WolfmanStarrk 13 17
Mature content
Chapter 6: Homecoming: Part 1 :iconwolfmanstarrk:WolfmanStarrk 13 13
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Chapter 7 Performance Night :iconwolfmanstarrk:WolfmanStarrk 10 24
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Chapter 8: Ulquiorra's Popular :iconwolfmanstarrk:WolfmanStarrk 13 15
Sharks Can Love Too 3
Tia Halibel felt slightly uneasy as she exited the Mizukage's office, and made her way down the hall. Although the mission of returning the dead bodies of the traitors had been successful, and although she had been fully accepted as Hoshigaki Kisame's official apprentice, the condescending way the Mizukage and the elders spoke to her made her feel like they didn't think she was actually up to the task of being trained by the sadistic shark-man.
If anything, they were expecting her to arrive back home in a body bag sometime soon. The fact that they had such little faith in her angered Halibel. She wasn't one to brag in her abilities, but she was capable of handling herself in some of the most dire situations. Although it upset her greatly, but she knew speaking up against her superiors would only cause more trouble, so she had little choice but to bare her dissatisfaction like a true shinobi and follow the orders of the Mizukage. She had a feeling Kisame went through the sam
:iconborin23:Borin23 8 7
Bleach: Sacrifice
"Smash, Haguro Tanbo!"
"Tear 'em to pieces, Kubikiri Orochi!"
"Reign over the frosted heavens. Hyorinmaru!"
The Tres Espada watched with cold green eyes as her opponents released their Zanpakutō. She raised Tiburón to counter as all four combatants collided in a large explosion. She continued to block their attacks with apathy. Her mind and eyes drifted to the flamed-charred bodies of her Fracción. She could feel her blood boil at the thought of what that old Shinigami captain had done to them. "Where they just… sacrificed as well? I've lost them… but what have I gained?" She muttered to herself and lashed out at Hitsugaya with a roar as the memories came flooding back to her.
"Are you the one they call the Blue Queen of Hueco Mundo?" An arrogant voice called out.
Harribel turned around, her cold green eyes staring out from behind her hollow mask, smooth and colg with jagged teeth and a large jaw. He shoul
:iconromanticdetective:RomanticDetective 9 9
Memento Mori: Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Dreams, Questions and Rivals
Location: Hueco Mundo
Date: One year earlier
Location: Las Noches: Grimmjow (and Luna's) Room.
Grimmjow began to mess around in his sleep. He tossed, turned and grunted as he began to turn his body around. He was lying on his stomach and sweat began to pour down his face. Grimmjow then mumbled some words rapidly and he quickly shot up from his bed, breathing heavily.
"The hell…" he gasped. He looked down for a moment in complete silence and sighed heavily, his breathe becoming steady once again. He began to reach one hand, trying to relax by rubbing his temples.
Grimmjow's face lifted up and turned to left side of the room to see a very sleepy Luna, with an unsatisfied look. Grimmjow only shook his head, annoyed at the fact that he knew now the woman talked in her sleep. He began to lie down carefully and then closed his eyes, concentrating to see if he could
:icongirl-in-disorder:Girl-In-Disorder 7 102
Musing In Las Borrachos
"I'll admit was love at first sight for me..."
Apache let out a heavy sigh as she tore the bottle of alcohol away from her lips, slamming it down on the wooden counter in front of her. Her head was pounding, her eyes were brimming with tears, and she felt like her throat was on fire. The dim fluorescent lighting and soft music playing the background gave the cramped bar a very calm, gentle atmosphere. The ceiling fan slowly turned in a counter-clockwise fashion. Sitting in the seats beside Apache were her fellow fraccion Mila-Rose and Sun-Sun. Every Sunday they would put their general abhorrence of one another aside and drink together at the bar Aizen had set up in the lowest floor of Las Noches, a place called 'Las Borrachos'. As usual, Barragan's fraccion Findor and Ggio were the bartenders, both of them wearing identical pale-white aprons over their waists. Neither of them were paying any attention to the three female arrancars' discussion. Avirama and Choe Neng Poww were al
:iconborin23:Borin23 9 3
My Moe Fracciones
Apache and Mila-Rose both came to a complete halt just before hitting one another, and Sun-Sun stopped giggling into her sleeve. All three girls glanced over in Harribel's direction, who was returning the stares with the usual icy-cold glare.
"...What is it?" Harribel asked unobtrusively.
Apache coughed into her fist, a slight blush forming on her pale cheeks. "Did...did you just call us 'moe'?"
Harribel cocked her head to the side, as if to make lit appear like she was thinking. "Did I now?"
"Yes," Mila-Rose nodded her head slowly, "Yes, you did..."
"Hmm...I don't know why I would dare call you such a thing..."
Sun-Sun put her hands on her hips, forcing a nervous smile. "T-T-That's right! You two are being c-c-childish!!! H-Harribel-sama would never say something so-"
"I mean, come on," Harribel suddenly continued, scoffing to herself, "Apache is obviously a tsundere, Mila-Rose is a yandere that has already reached its final stage of development, while Sun-Sun is technical
:iconborin23:Borin23 12 28
Espadas: The Lion King
   Orihime looked up with a start to see Ulquiorra standing uncomfortably at the door, hands in his pockets as always.
   “What do you want, dork? It looks like you used too much mascara, as always.” Orihime hated Ulquiorra’s guts- ever since she read all the Orihime x Ulquiorra fan-fics online, she had resolved to treat him like dirt.
   “Aizen wants you.” Ulquiorra jerked his thumb down the hall and left. Inoue debated, sighed, and then followed.
   “Finally!” Aizen grumbled as Orihime walked into the room. Why couldn’t she just use sonido, like the other Arrancars? Oh, right. She was human.
   “You wanted me, Aizen-sama?”
   “Yeah.” Aizen motioned to a chair. “Sit.”
   “Okay.” Orihime sat.
   “Are you bored?” Aizen asked.
:iconkira-soulreaper:kira-soulreaper 19 9
Espadas Interview
Momo: Hi! Welcome to the first ever interview of the Espadas of Hueco Muendo! I'm your host, Momo, and here's my assistant, Kira.
Momo: We're actually not allowed here, so you'll have to be very, very quiet.....
Kira: If we're not allowed here, why are we doing an interview?
Momo (smacks Kira on the head): As I was saying, we have to be very, very quiet and hope the Espadas cooperate. Follow me down the hall now......
Kira (rubs head): Ow.....
Momo: And....our first interview will be with Halibel!
Kira: You just picked the first female.
Momo: Yeah, well, you look like a girl anyway, so don't accuse me of being sexist. Hi, Halibel!
Halibel: ........
Momo: So, how's life in Hueco Muendo going for ya?
Halibel: You are not authorized to be here. The only shinigami allowed is Aizen-sama and his subordinates.
Momo (thinks quickly): Yeah? Well, I'm is lieutenant captain. Now will you respond to my interview?
Halibel (doesn't really care): Okay, sure, it's a waste of ti
:iconkira-soulreaper:kira-soulreaper 22 9
Beneath The Veil
Apache stretched her thin, bony arms high over her head as she stepped into her bedroom late that evening. It was difficult, but somehow she made successfully made it through another day without killing anyone, or being killed herself. As usual, her crummy little room had the faint stench of blood and rotten flesh lingering in the dark-gray carpeting. The arrancar girl stepped over to the edge of her flimsy couch-bed, and reached underneath it to pull out a small, red notebook. A soft grin formed on her thin mouth; she always loved writing down a few of her personal experiences in her dairy before going to bed.
'I'm really kinda glad Harribel-sama suggested that I do this,' Apache thought as she flipped the dairy open to a blank page, 'I've been able to get out alot of thoughts and feelings that I've kept bottled up inside for so the fact that I'm secretly attracted to women, for instance...'
Apache unsheathed a small, blue pen and began to scribble down her thoughts, mutte
:iconborin23:Borin23 16 9
4 Minutes Until Meltdown
"Stupid, ugly pig-bitch!!!"
"Fatass, mutant whore!!!"
Tia Harribel pinched the bridge of her nose, and sighed heavier than she ever had. Once again, she had found her two fraccion Apache and Mila-Rose breaking out into another meaningless match of fists and shallow insults. They were rolling around on the floor, pulling at each other's hair and swearing at the top of their lungs. Apache already had a black eye, while Mila-Rose's nose was bleeding slightly. Sun-Sun was just watching on in silence from the sidelines, her lavender eyes gleaming with amusement.
"...You certainly seem to be enjoying yourself, Sun-Sun," Harribel dryly remarked in the direction of the snake-like fraccion.
Sun-Sun just snickered quietly into her sleeve without responding.
Walking up to the two girls, who seemed to have begun to tire down, Harribel reached down and lifted them both to their feet by the lobes of their ears. The blonde woman didn't look happy in the slightest. Sun-Sun was no longer snickering. A
:iconborin23:Borin23 21 30


so.... i didn't like where i was going with Ulrich: Legends Unknown

and i know what your thinking "what consolidation you only had the cover and one page up!"

well this much is true but i had the whole story in my head and well i didn't like how it was going

and i decided to change some things take some characters out and add some different ones.

anyway ill put up the new first page when I'm good and ready so yeah...

and i might change the cover idk i like that cover but i think i can do better will see what happens

well that's it for now so im just gonna end this journal real awkward like......
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